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Children and adolescents begin their Table Tennis practices in a new location

To continue the strengthening and promotion of sport in all its disciplines, the Mayor's Office of Managua, in coordination with the Alexis Argüello Sports Movement, inaugurated the new headquarters of the Table Tennis Academy, in the Comandante Julián Roque Cuadra House of Culture, located behind MITRAB.

The table tennis or ping pong academy, as it is popularly known, has been operating since 2018, but it did not have its own facilities for the preparation of its members, the municipality had to send its instructors to schools to organize the practices of the kids, With the new facilities, this discipline will experience a strengthening and a new boom, this is what Vice Mayor Enrique Armas Rosales foresees.

“A new era begins today in table tennis, in the capital's ping pong, the only sport that, for x, y, z, reason has not raised its head, but is getting fully involved starting today, the Mayor's Office of Managua in ping pong starting today here, in the historic area, in the central area of the capital,” said Armas.

Armas highlighted that, for many years, Nicaragua had the best table tennis in Central America with players like Oscar Molina, Juan Muñoz, Chilo Gaitán, Norma Molina, Benito Sandoval and that the idea is to return to the Sandinista Fraternity Cup of ping pong, "resurrect it starting today and the Mayor's Office is fully involved in this, doing more sports, just as the government of Commander Daniel and Compañera Rosario has directed.”

The call for registrations for this academy is still open, to find out the requirements you can visit the municipality's social networks or visit the facilities of the Julián Roque House of Culture.

The coordinator of the academy Yussel Centeno explained that the practices will be three times a week and registration is completely free, "ping pong develops all reflexes, sharpens eyesight, those interested only have to have the desire to learn, the practices "They will be on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, in the morning from 9 to 11:00 and in the afternoon from 2:00 to 4:00 in the afternoon."

Starting this year, future ping ponitas and the municipality are committed to reviving this sport and taking it to its maximum expression.

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