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Municipality awards finalists of the II edition of the Short Essay Contest dedicated to Rubén Darío

The Mayor's Office of Managua awarded recognition to the finalists of the II edition of the Short Essay Contest dedicated to the poet Rubén Darío, the cultural event is part of the Dariana activities carried out in the country, to honor the Father of Modernism.

This award ceremony was held at the Lolita Soriano museum on February 9. The objective of this contest is to promote the legacy of the Prince of Castilian Letters to new generations, not only for Nicaragua, but also for the entire world.

To choose the winners, the judging jury valued the creativity, originality and style of the participants, to describe the poet's legacy, as reported by the museum coordinator, Geraldine Baquedano.

“In commemoration of the 157th anniversary of his birth and the 108th anniversary of his death, we had a wide participation, we made a selection of the 10 best essays, the works talk about Darío's life, his validity, his work as a writer, as journalist, it was not an easy decision, the qualifying jury took into account the creativity, style and originality of the writer when choosing the winner,” he said.

All essays had to present the following characteristics: an introduction, development and conclusion, with a maximum of 500 to 1,000 words, the font used was Times New Roman, with a score of 12 and line spacing of 1.5.

During this second edition of the contest, youth was present just like last year, this breaks the schemes or clichés that literature is only for adults, thanks to the Good Government's promotion of the new spaces literary.

First place was won by young Kevin Guerrero, who for the second consecutive year participated in the contest with the essay titled “Prophecy in Darío.”

“Rubén Darío transformed the Spanish language through poetry. Last year I did an essay that talked about the different difficulties that Darío overcame, reaching greatness, and today my work is focused on his work and the results of his sacrifice,” he said. Warrior.

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