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IX Men's Basketball League “Carlos Ulloa In Memoriam”

In the Auditorium of the Japan-Nicaragua Park, through a press conference, on the afternoon of this Thursday, February 8, municipal authorities in coordination with the Alexis Argüello Sports Movement, made official the IX tournament of the “Carlos Ulloa” Men's Basketball League In Memoriam”, corresponding to the year 2024.

The meeting was attended by Vice Mayor Enrique Armas Rosales, who reported that the tournament will begin this February 10 at the Alexis Argüello Sports Center and Luis Alfonzo Velásquez Flores Park.

“This is a very special basketball Ulloa, an Ulloa with 21 teams, a Carlos Ulloa tournament with more than 60 new players, an Ulloa in which we will work with the All against All modality, 20 games each team in the first round, 16 qualify, 5 are eliminated and we play basketball in February, March, April, May and we finish in June with the grand final, the tournaments will take place in 17 venues throughout the country,” said the mayor of the capital.

The teams that will fight to obtain the crown are: Leones de Alma, Costa Caribe, Real-Estelí, Brumas de Jinotega, Matagalpa, Jaguares de la UAM, Tipitapa, Los Mineros de la Libertad, Unan-León, San Judas K8, Golden B , Unan-Managua, Tigres de Chinandega, JASS, León, Sébaco, Frente Sur, San Isidro, Carazo, PLAF Academy and Bonanza.

Kevin Andino, athlete of the UAM Jaguares team, expressed that his team is more than ready with all the agility, and that they are well positioned for the confrontations.

“We feel excited, it is a new challenge for each of the players who are here, there are new ones and others who repeat, so this is a new stage in our lives and we hope to achieve the final objective which is to win, I just hope to contribute a lot to the franchise with respect to experience, advice to the players and dynamism, we are a very young team and that is going to benefit us in everything we are going to do in the tournament,” said Andino.

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