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Boys and girls participate in the “Azul con Rubén Darío” Poetry Marathon

From the República de Cuba School, the municipal authorities in coordination with the Ministry of Education held the “Azul con Rubén Darío” Poetry Marathon on the morning of this Tuesday, February 6, in commemoration of the 108th anniversary of the passage to another plane of life of the Prince of Spanish Letters.

The activity was attended by Mayor Reyna Rueda Alvarado, who gave the students books and posters of the poet, to promote the habit of reading in each of them.

“Today we are here at the República de Cuba study center, sharing with more than 100 children, where 25 of them will be reciting the stories and poems from the Blue Book. Our Mayor's Office sent a copy of the Blue Book to each of the children. present today, is a poetry marathon that is part of the strategies of our Good Government, to promote knowledge about our poet Rubén Darío," reported the mayor of the capital.

Poets from the Feathers and Letters Cultural Federation were present at the commemoration, who gave a musical presentation and a recitation of poems, dedicated to the Father of Modernism.

The students highlighted the importance of knowing the life and work of the poet, as well as that this knowledge be transmitted from generation to generation.

“I am in my first year, it is important to know about Rubén Darío, his poems and his stories, what I like the most is the Golden Song, which is the one I am going to participate with right now, it is very important that his legacy is maintained.” I live so that our children and grandchildren can learn and know from him,” said student Steven Alexander Obando.

In the book Azul, the poet marked the beginning of Hispanic modernism, a book composed of poems and stories, where the author relies on the attraction of aesthetic and stylistic elements from other literatures and cultures, a book that is part of his three masterpieces. and that is read by all Nicaraguans, from an early age.

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