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Presentation of the Nicaraguan Food Recipe Book

In Managua, the Nicaraguan Food Recipe Book was presented this Saturday, February 3, which compiles 55 gastronomic recipes with the flavors, smells and traditions of the people, as part of the cultural rescue and national identity, which Good Government promotes.

Within this recipe book is the procedure to prepare Christmas meals, Lent meals, with winter flavors, soups, desserts and drinks; The recipes were extracted from the winning dishes, in the Flavors of Lent, National Flavors, Flavors of Winter and Family Christmas Traditions Festivals; which will be available on different digital platforms, so that families can download and use it.

The presentation took place at the “Nelly Flor de Pino” Hotel and Tourism Technology Center, where representatives from different state institutions, local governments and the protagonists who shared their gastronomic recipes attended.

This promotion was attended by Mayor Reyna Rueda Alvarado, who stated that Managua Creativa is celebrating, “because from here, the launch of that recipe book is being carried out, all this inter-institutional effort has been possible with these initiatives of our Good Government , which has been committed to rescuing our culture, our traditions and our gastronomy.”

For her part, Compañero Camila Ortega Murillo, General Coordinator of the National Commission for Creative Economy, expressed the importance of this new compendium of gastronomic recipes to put it into practice in homes.

“And keep those traditions alive, those Nicaraguan recipes that are also part of this model of creative economy in our country, this model of creative economy promotes gastronomy, as part of those areas of creativity where Nicaraguans are creative and have been innovating, “We have been preserving our traditions, but we have also been implementing innovation and creativity,” he stated.



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