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Managua calls for the Queen Summer of Love 2024 contest

In promotion of the culture, customs, traditions and tourist destinations of the different departments of the country, the Good Government, through INTUR, MEFCCA, INIFOM, Nicaragua Diseña and the Mayor's Office of Managua, officially launched the Queen Summer of Love contest 2024, which seeks to elect the representative of the capital.

“Very happy to announce this Queen Summer of Love 2024 contest, from our Puerto Salvador Allende, from our Creative Managua, it is a contest that has already been held for 5 years and has brought together thousands of young people from the different municipalities and from here “We are inviting young women, promoters of their beauty, their gastronomy, and what is unique to each of their departments to join,” commented Mayor Reyna Rueda Alvarado.

Julieth Rivera, Summer Queen 2023, stated that it is a good opportunity to exchange experiences, “I think it is an event that helps us get to know ourselves more as a person, to find a part of ourselves that we did not know, to grow mentally and also helps us to have a physical evolution, if you have the opportunity to participate, don't miss it, you will enjoy it."

During the months of February, March and April, the Queen Summer of Love 2024 contests will be held, which will be accompanied by carnivals, artistic and cultural presentations.

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