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Presentation of the Festivals of Original Costumes of Nicaraguan Folklore

This January 30, a press conference was held to present the Plan for the Festivals of Original Costumes of our Folklore, which will be held throughout the year 2024, starting in the creative city of León, on Saturday, February 17 and will conclude in the month of November.

The festivals will take place in the 15 departmental capitals and in the 2 autonomous regions of the country, as part of the promotion of culture and national identity, which Good Government promotes.

This presentation was attended by Mayor Reyna Rueda Alvarado and colleague Humberto González, Secretary of the Creative and Orange Economy of the Presidency of the Republic, who stated that this is an initiative to highlight the originality of the costumes of our folklore at the national level.

"We will be developing 19 festivals, in 19 locations, all of them departmental capitals of our country, also in the Autonomous Regions of the Northern Caribbean, the Southern Caribbean, in the region of Las Minas, Central Zelaya and throughout the center, Pacific and northern our country, where we will be developing an important artistic cultural program, in which the local authorities, through the Municipal Mayor's Offices and also institutions such as the Nicaraguan Institute of Culture, the MEFCCA, we will be supporting to develop the identification of protagonists who They are dedicated to the design, manufacture and marketing of these suits,” González shared.

For her part, Mayor Rueda reiterated that, from local governments, it is a priority to promote culture, “we have Houses of Culture and Creativity, where we promote the love of our country, through our dances, our customs and our dances, especially our suits that we are now promoting.”

In these festivals, the products and their protagonists will be highlighted, where national recognition will be given, expo-fairs, cultural galas will be held, and the national event will take place on August 22 in celebration of International Folklore Day.

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