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20 teams participate in the IV Edition of the U-19 Women's Volleyball League and First Division

The Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua, in coordination with the Alexis Argüello Sports Movement, inaugurated this Saturday, January 27, the IV edition of the Women's Volleyball League, in the Under-19 and First Division categories, at the España Sports Center.

This sports day was inaugurated by the Secretary of the Managua Council, Jennifer Porras López, who expressed that this is a year of more victories, "tonight we are here, at the España Sports Center accompanying 20 volleyball teams, kicking off the League National First Division of Women's Volleyball, this is important to mention, because at the level of the entire country, we have representation from different departments, it is also important to promote how women have been reaching more spaces in all these disciplines.

Likewise, he announced that 10 teams will participate in the U-19 and 10 in the First Division, in a tournament where they will compete all against all, during a period of 3 months, where more than 280 young people will compete at the headquarters of the different teams, to reach first place in this championship.

Participating teams include the Brumas de Jinotega, Indígenas de Matagalpa, Tigresas de Chinandega, UNAN-Managua, Tiburones de Granada, Jaguares de la UAM, Pantheras de Managua, Frente Sur Rivas, Leonas ALMA and Real Estelí.

For her part, athlete Lolette Rodríguez, from the Lionesses of the Mayor's Office of Managua, stated that this championship is very important for the development of sport in Nicaragua.

“We are happy because we are growing. My expectation is to reach the final, we are three-time champions and we want to maintain that first place. To have those first places there is a lot of effort, a lot of discipline and a lot of communication for all the players,” Rodríguez said.

The inaugural game was between the Indigenous people of Matagalpa and the Lionesses of the Mayor's Office of Managua, who have been national champions of this league for 3 consecutive years. In this first match the Lionesses won 3 to 0.

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