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Families purchase school supplies in Managua markets

Parents continue to go to municipal markets to purchase school supplies, footwear and uniforms at low prices, which merchants offer at solidarity prices at school fairs, which will continue during the month of January.

In the 5 largest markets, the Municipal Market Corporation of Managua (COMMEMA) enabled spaces for merchants to offer these products in a festive and fair atmosphere, with various dynamics and artistic presentations, as announced by the Secretary of the Council of Managua, Jennifer Porras López, during a tour of the Roberto Huembes market, the morning of this Friday, January 26.

Likewise, he invited parents, who have not yet enrolled their children, to purchase school supplies and uniforms at these fairs, organized in the different markets of Managua.

“They are offering quality school products, at prices that are really affordable for our families. These fairs began on January 13 and have been held consecutively every weekend. There is jumping, jumping, clowns, cultural presentations, which is part of of that creativity that our women and men merchants have,” said Porras.

The merchants announced that they offer fair prices, so that families can bring everything they need for the return to school.

“We have socks at 20 pesos, T-shirts at 160 for tricotextile, sweatshirts at 120 and 180 for thickness, camisoles from 120 to 160, skirts from 160 to 150, 180 and 220,” explained the merchant Miriam Ortega.

Fernanda Alfaro, a footwear merchant, said that prices vary depending on the brand, “what is the national shoe at 250, they have the delta shoe, which is a good brand, also of good quality, they have it at 500 and they have what It is the sports shoe for physical education.”

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