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Registration period open at the Otto de la Rocha House of Culture and Creativity

The Otto de la Rocha House of Culture and Creativity opens its doors again, to receive the future artists of the capital, as was announced on the afternoon of this Monday, January 22.

Registration in this and all houses of culture is free, the registration period will take place throughout the week, parents only need to present their ID and the birth certificate of minors.

Carmen Saldaña, director of this study center, explained that there are 495 re-entry students and at the end of the week the total for the new year 2024 will be available.

“We have an academic offer of 9 artistic disciplines, we have 11 teachers who will attend the different courses, this is a space where the student's creativity is captured and developed, it is an inclusive space, we have children from 6 years old to adults of the third age,” Saldaña reported.

On the first day of registration, drawing and plastic arts students were called with an attendance of 120 protagonists.

Eddy Bustos will be one of the teachers who will be in this area. He assures that last year's students have a lot of potential and talent.

“We are more than prepared for the start of the new course, last year we had a nice experience with the children, there is a lot of talent in young people and adults, last year we achieved nice exhibitions and a lot of creativity,” said Bustos.

The Otto de la Rocha House of Culture and Creativity offers 9 artistic disciplines, including painting, guitar, percussion, piano, singing, ballet, regional folklore, theater and contemporary dance.

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