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Everything ready to start cycling at the Leones Azules Academy

For the second consecutive year, the Leones Azules Cycling Academy, located in Los Amigos Park in Villa Progreso, opened its doors on the afternoon of this Saturday, January 20, to register and begin training for the 2024 sports year.

Comrade Julio Castaño, cycling coordinator of the municipality's academy, reported that this year they are scheduled to participate in more than 30 events, including championships with Youth Games and competitions with some municipalities.

“We have a large number of children, some with little experience and others with a lot of experience, they aspire to be great in cycling in Nicaragua, today we are opening with 25 children and currently more children have joined and we will have classes on Saturdays from 2 to 5 in the afternoon and with the small children we are scheduling recreational rides on Sundays from 6 to nine in the morning,” said Castaño.

César Gabriel Pérez, a student of this discipline, expressed that cycling is a sport of traction and skill, “cycling does not feel like a sport, the truth is it feels like a way to free oneself, I am starting, but I used to ride the road before.” I went to some regions, that's how I started until I met the Blue Lions.”

In this recreational space promoted by Good Government, registrations are unlimited and completely free, children from 3 to 16 years old can register.

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