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Good Government delivers welfare work to merchants in zone II of the Eastern market

The merchants in zone II of the Eastern market worked for more than 50 years, offering their products under sun and rain, but the transformation came on the morning of this Thursday, January 18, when they received a completely new warehouse from the municipal authorities.

The project, which marks a new stage for each of the merchants, was delivered by the Mayor of Managua, Reyna Rueda Alvarado, who highlighted the work that the Sandinista Government has done to improve the conditions of each of the vendors.

“Today we are delivering this beautiful warehouse in the Los Mondongos sector, here we have merchants not only from Managua but also from the departments, there are 108 merchants who will now be in better conditions, serving all of us who attend to buy in this market Oriental, here we are making a significant investment, exactly 12 million 600 thousand córdobas, just in the construction of this warehouse," reported the capital's mayor.

At the same time, he detailed that, in 2024, they will continue to attend to storm drainage projects, in addition to the construction of a warehouse in the plastics sector and a warehouse in the poultry sector, which is 90 percent complete.

The merchant Carmen Chávez thanked the work being done by the Sandinista Government, since she had been waiting for years to see this dream come true.

"You look at the difference, this is a Government that cares about the merchant, here we were in rain and sun and he has worried so that the sun does not hit us, all this was a loss, the water got in, it flooded and well Not today, you can see the difference and not only for us, but also for the buyers who visit us, they will be more confident,” said Chávez.

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