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Families from the Gracias a Dios region inaugurated an important road improvement and storm drainage project

A development and well-being work was delivered by the Mayor of Managua, Reyna Rueda Alvarado, on the afternoon of this Thursday, January 11, to the families of the Gracias a Dios Region of District I of the capital, a project that was executed with the Annual Investment Plan 2023.

The project that the population of this sector waited for more than 45 years, had an investment of 10 million 131 thousand 557 córdobas, reported the mayor of the capital.

“255 linear meters of gutters were placed, 262 of curbs and we ended up with more than 252 linear meters of platforms, in addition, of the entire pipeline, which is more than 200 meters, which gives families the right to travel safely. , we covered a little more than 3.5 blocks, this project is for storm drainage, but it also has the component of road improvement, this gives peace of mind, because we are also eliminating a critical point that we had in this area, 6 wells were built. rainwater visit and 8 swallows, all those components that we see here give them security,” explained Mayor Rueda.

He also highlighted that this is a project that has been worked on since 2021, one of the largest works that have been carried out in this district I of the capital, “in the first intervention the objective was to connect with the entire main part of the highway to Masaya with Santo Domingo, we had completed the first stage last year and today we are delivering a second stage, the total investment is 28 million córdobas."

Luis Alfonso Maltez, a resident of this capital area, expressed his gratitude to God and the Good Government for one more dream come true.

“We spent 45 to 50 years waiting for this project and only with the will of God, Commander Daniel Ortega, Compañera Rosario Murillo and our mayor have made this possible, here you see the truth that we are putting our foot on the ground "On the floor that was made, here it was completely impassable, it was a point of total risk that all of us ran and now we are happy with everything that was done," said Maltez.

The road infrastructure work brings well-being and security to 531 residents, 106 families, who began the year 2024, traveling in better conditions thanks to the programs and projects promoted by the Sandinista Government through the municipality.

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