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Good Government restores rights to wholesale market merchants with the construction of 41 new sections

To the rhythm of marimbas, guitars, drums, the overflow of joy and gunpowder, the municipal authorities, Commema and the Merchants Association celebrated 17 years of Good Government, delivering 41 new sections to the same number of merchants in the Wholesale market. The work had an investment of 3 million 200 thousand córdobas, with a construction area of 216.24 square meters, plus 66.24 linear meters of perimeter wall.

With the delivery of these sections, the protagonists went from being occasional merchants to permanent merchants. This was reported by Mayor Reyna Rueda Alvarado.

“Today we are celebrating 17 years of prosperity, of happiness, of tranquility, 17 years that we have been seeing the changes in the neighborhoods, in our markets, thanks to the restitution of rights that our government has promoted in all municipalities through all the mayors of the country,” said the mayor of the capital.

Jerónima Pérez is one of the protagonists of the new project, she was a street vendor for 14 years and now thanks to this benefit she has a new fixed space, where she will be protected from the elements.

“I feel happy and I thank God first and Commander Daniel and Compañera Rosario. Since I was young I was a street vendor and today I have my own space. I'm not going to get wet anymore, I'm not going to be under the sun anymore. I am not going to continue paying to store my merchandise, thanks to my President, today I am a permanent merchant and I have a decent space to work,” said Pérez.

The Mayoreo market has 3 thousand merchants and is visited daily by approximately 10 thousand people. 2024 will be the third consecutive year that the municipality will carry out infrastructure projects, for the benefit of the protagonists who work in this shopping center, with the next construction of the meat gallery.

“In the 8 markets we are going to invest around 90 million córdobas in major and minor works projects, we are investing thanks to the taxes paid by merchants, little by little they will see the changes and development of all the markets in benefit of around 22 thousand merchants”, this was announced by the general director of Commema, colleague Freddy Casco.

During 2023, the capital markets closed with a bang, in addition to the 5 major works projects, two new trucks for garbage collection and a forklift were delivered. With this acquisition plus the minor works projects, an investment of 80 million córdobas in the 8 markets.

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