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Residents of District V have a Family and Community Health Post

Full of joy, the inhabitants of the Esquipulas region and surrounding sectors began this year, 2024, with the new family and community health post, which will provide them with better conditions for their comprehensive care, as part of the fulfillment of the Sandinista Government.

The new work of the Common Good was delivered to the community, by colleague Reyna Rueda Alvarado, Mayor of Managua, who stated that this new health post has a modern infrastructure and according to the needs of the community, it has a construction area of 744.5 square meters, which includes 4 pre-hospital care clinics, URO area, nebulization, cures and health services.

It also has an ambulance parking area, pedestrian platforms, perimeter fencing and a wastewater treatment system.

“We are very happy and happy to start the year 2024 with a blessing like this, the inauguration of a health post, where more than 10 thousand brothers and sisters who are protagonists of this area of the Esquipulas, Los Vanegas region will be cared for. and other surrounding areas, this is an inter-institutional work with the Ministry of Health and our Mayor's Office of Managua, as well as, we also work with the different institutions," said the mayor of the capital.

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