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Boys and girls exchange experience with the Japanese women's baseball team

The best women's baseball team in Japan, Yomiuri Gigantes, gave a baseball clinic to the boys and girls of the Managua academies, the morning of this Monday, January 8 at the Roberto Clemente Stadium, as part of their visit to the country, to the warm-up matches with the National Team.

The Yomiuri Gigantes shared part of the warm-up exercises, plays and skills so that the boys and girls learn more about the beautiful sport in Nicaragua.

“Nicaragua has been happy with the visit of this baseball team from Japan, but we come by the grace of God working permanently on issues such as the environment in our country, such as the floating school and it is thanks to the unconditional support of the people and government of Japan. We are very happy with this exchange,” shared the Mayor of Managua, Reyna Rueda Alvarado.

Tomoyuki Odani, representative of the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) in Nicaragua, expressed his gratitude to the Sandinista Government for the valuable collaboration for the arrival of the Japanese team.

“JICA and the Gigantes team have signed a collaboration agreement since 2015, in order to try to spread this beautiful sport, which is the baseball that both nations love and in this way promote better growth of young people,” Odani commented.

Also, he pointed out that this year 2024 the Gigantes team is celebrating its 90 years of founding and JICA 60 years of cooperation in Nicaragua.

At the same time, a culture and gastronomy meeting was held between the Yomiuri Gigantes women's team and the National Baseball Team, together with the building authorities.

“All these days we have been enjoying the very pleasant visit of the Japanese women's baseball team, Gigantes, who have been carrying out a series of training sessions and activities since they arrived in the country on Saturday afternoon,” said the Vice Mayor. from Managua, Enrique Armas Rosales.

During the exchange, they shared a lunch, accompanied by a cultural splurge and souvenirs from the land of Lakes and Volcanoes.

The Japanese and Nicaraguan teams will play this January 9 and 10 in Masaya and Managua respectively.

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