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New infrastructure benefits merchants from the Galerón de Los Masayas

After 40 years exposed to the sun and rain, merchants from the Mayoreo market celebrated with the municipal authorities the inauguration of the new Los Masayas gallery, located in the Mayoreo market, on the afternoon of this Thursday, December 21.

The opening ceremony was attended by the Secretary of the Managua Council, Jennifer Porras López, who shared with the main merchants the happiness of having a safe and comfortable place to offer their products.

“We are very happy to deliver this warehouse that is approximately 26 meters long by 11 meters wide, which will house all those merchant families precisely from Masaya, this warehouse is known as the Los Masayas Gallery, here we are accompanied by founders, mothers who are already elderly and now the new generations are taking on this dignified job,” said Porras.

The capital official highlighted that there are 40 merchants benefiting from this work that will bring well-being, in addition that each one will have their space and an unloading area to store their products.

He also explained that currently the eight capital markets provide all the infrastructure conditions and work is underway on the construction of 40 sections that will soon be inaugurated, thanks to the efforts of the Good Government.

Freddy Casco, general director of COMMEMA, reported that the work had an investment of 10 million 362 thousand 102 córdobas and for the year 2024, projects to improve streets, drainage and infrastructure are planned, to continue improving the conditions of the owners of sections and the families who visit these shopping centers.

For her part, the merchant Juana Acuña, expressed that it was 40 years of selling outdoors, “thanks to God and the Government we are now well located, I come from Masaya every day, this market was small, now it has expanded more, here they were stones, now we are better and there is a lot of cleanliness.”

Currently, this popular shopping center has 2,041 fixed sections, 350 occasional merchants and 300 traveling brothers, making it one of the most attractive shopping centers in the capital.

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