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Storm drainage work improves market conditions Roberto Huembes

Full of satisfaction and joy, municipal authorities inaugurated on the afternoon of December 20, one more storm drainage work carried out in the Carlos Roberto Huembes market.

This work consists of replacing the concrete storm drainage channel on the southwest side of the Galerón de Las Verduras, which brings well-being to the families and merchants of this shopping center, in the second stage, reported the Secretary of the Council of Managua, Jennifer Porras López.

“One more work of progress, of victory, from the Roberto Huembes market, the Mayor's Office of Managua, through the management of Commema, we celebrate the construction of this beautiful canal that was previously open to the sky and which today is completely closed, but it serves a purpose, to guarantee pedestrian crossing, today the Las Verduras sector celebrates that this coming winter they will be able to work in peace,” shared Porras.

He added that work will continue in the capital markets, with the improvement of access and streets, so that families can have greater security.

The work had an investment of 2 million 272 thousand 820.17 córdobas and consists of more than 100 linear meters of gutters.

This year alone, the municipality, through Commema, invested more than 80 million córdobas in improvement works in the 8 markets of Managua.

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