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Taekwondo academies say goodbye to the year with intense fights

The best taekwondo players from the municipality's academies gathered this Wednesday, December 20, at the Spain Sports Center complex, to culminate the exciting season of the 2023 Youth Games.

In this final, awards were given to the first three places and to the best academy in this discipline, which began in the month of May and is closing with 350 boys and girls from 5 years old to young people aged 28 and 29, reported Vice Mayor Enrique Armas. Rosales.

“Enjoying the closing of the taekwondo events of the Managua 2023 Youth Games, which due to the guidelines of Compañera Rosario and President Daniel are held once again in our beautiful capital city, today we are closing in one of the new gyms, of the Spain Sports Center complex, this is already a new area, with beautiful tatami mats worth thousands of dollars and that allow the public to witness the event in all its splendor,” said the mayor of the capital.

With taekwondo practices, children and young people acquire discipline and interact with other groups, to integrate into society and be prepared for any situation, which has grown in recent years, coach Ricardo Tardencilla Barberena shared.

“It has had greater demand, due to the teaching that has been provided through the Mayor's Office of Managua and the government of Nicaragua, because first it is free and they are taught a discipline, a martial art where they are going to learn, to correct themselves, to control skills and excel in teaching taekwondo,” said Tardencilla.

Ashley Castellón, who has represented the country in the Central American Games and other sporting events, stated that this sport has its difficulties, but everything can be achieved with the presence of God.

To date, the municipality has three taekwondo academies in the Roberto Huembes gym, Alexis Argüello Sports Complex and in the new Multipurpose Gym in District VI, where completely free classes are given to children and young people, from Monday to Friday from 2 :00 to 5:00 in the afternoon.

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