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Capital community improves the cleaning service of the Wholesale market with new machinery and equipment for garbage collection

The populous Mayoreo market, starting this Friday, December 15, will have two dump trucks and a forklift for garbage collection in this shopping center, as part of the policies that the Good Government guarantees to bring well-being to the community.

The delivery of these units was carried out by the Vice Mayor of Managua, Enrique Armas Rosales, who at the same time visited the different sections, to meet the demands of the merchants and verify the prices and offers on the seasonal products.

"We are on a journey prior to these days of Christmas, in which very important sales are recorded, record sales, there is a huge amount of currency and the capital markets expect impressive figures," said the capital mayor.

He mentioned that, to start the day, the machinery and equipment for cleaning the markets was delivered that will keep them cleaner and more beautiful, at the same time he highlighted the improvements made in these popular shopping centers.

“The market is now closed, it has gates, a lot of work is being done on the security circuit of this market that has 2,041 fixed sections, 350 occasional traders these days, 300 street traders and almost 2,700 traders move here in the 13 sectors, It is one of the most dynamic markets in our Managua, everything is sold here, the capital markets are that attractive thanks to God, the efforts of the Commema brothers, the merchant brothers and the support of Commander Daniel and Compañera Rosario” said Armas.

Cristiana Sánchez, a merchant from this market, made a cordial invitation to visit this shopping center, "take the opportunity to visit us for the Christmas holidays and even more so now that we have such a gift that our Mayor's Office of Managua has sent us, these beautiful trucks, happy and happy." To keep our markets cleaner, there are promotions, there are discounts, gifts, so all visitors come, we have solidarity prices.”

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