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An exciting evening of boxing took place at the Róger Deshon gym

An intense boxing evening took place this Wednesday, December 13, at the Róger Deshon gym, where children and young boxers from the different boxing academies of the municipality participated.

This sporting event took place in 12 boxing matches, with young people from the boxing academies of the Iván Montenegro, Róger Deshon and Roberto Huembes markets, as well as the Ariel Vivas gym and the Multipurpose school of District VI.

During the meeting, the effort made by the Good Government to promote the sport in the new generations was highlighted, as expressed by Gustavo Herrera, coach of the boxing academies, "we continue from the academies of the Mayor's Office of Managua, in the gyms, carrying boxing, of many young people who are going to be the successors of our teams, today these athletes are preparing, even, with a view to the next youth national championship, future promises."

For their part, the athletes invited the young people to practice the sport they like the most, “the importance of practicing sports is that we are not in any vice and it is a very nice experience, because we have very good communication with the boys and with the coaches,” Jonathan Salazar said.

The competition is part of the training and training of students from the different boxing academies, administered by the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua throughout the municipality.

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