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A waste of talent and joy at the “Nicaragua Peace and Good Will” Cultural Gala

From the Tomás Borge Martínez amphitheater, the Cultural and Creativity Gala “Nicaragua Peace and Good Will” was held, with the participation of the 7 Houses of Culture and Creativity of the municipality Otto de la Rocha, Alejandro Cuadra, Camilo Zapata, Arnoldo Guillén , Bayardo Ortiz, Hugo Hernández and the Lolita Soriano Museum, the afternoon of this Saturday, December 9.

The activity was characterized by the artistic extravagance expressed by the students of these cultural and creative houses; in dance, ballet, contemporary, folklore and variety pieces were shown; Musical themes were performed where the skills they have acquired in singing, violin, guitar, piano and percussion were exposed; as well as in the plastic arts and small theatrical presentations.

This artistic gala was chaired by Mayor Reyna Rueda Alvarado, who stated that this is the result of the efforts of each of those responsible for the Houses of Culture and Creativity, with the aim of promoting talent and art.

For parents, seeing their children on stage is a source of pride, where they demonstrate everything they have learned in the Houses of Culture, which are completely free, “super excited, because he always wanted something like this, he is happy, he made his best effort,” said Linda Cajina.

During this event, 360 students, including children, young people and adults, participated, who demonstrated their artistic skills, which was accompanied by the special presentation of the King of Chinamo, Gustavo Leyton and his theme to Managua Creativa at Christmas.

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