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Traditionalist families from the capital participate in the fifteenth edition of the Altars to the Purísima Competition

Fervor, tradition and Mariano love reigned in the homes of the different districts of the capital, which participated in the fifteenth edition of the Municipal Altar Competition in honor of the Immaculate Conception of Mary, this Thursday, December 7, the date on which the Clamor.

More than 300 families participated in this contest with their altars and it was evaluated by a judging jury in each district, who toured each of the altars, accompanied by the building authorities.

During the tour, the qualifying jury and the municipal authorities, represented by Mayor Reyna Rueda Alvarado, Vice Mayor Enrique Armas Rosales and the Secretary of the Managua Council, Jennifer Porras López, were able to verify compliance with the requirements established in the contest, which It is already part of the traditions of the capital.

Mayor Rueda, who visited the altars of District II, expressed that this contest is held at the district level and the 3 best altars in each district will be awarded, 11 thousand córdobas will be awarded to first place, 10 thousand to second place and 9 thousand to third place. place.

Likewise, he announced that the parameters to be evaluated are the biblical content or theme, which will have a score of 35%, the material used with national and traditional finishes; with a score of 30%, the creativity and originality of the altar, as well as the presentation and descriptive narration of the altar design before the jury; with a score of 35%.

Among the first altars visited was that of the Acevedo Gutiérrez family from the Larreynaga neighborhood in District IV, in this home La Gritería has been celebrated for 110 years and according to Mrs. Yolanda del Socorro, a traditionalist of these festivities, every December 7th more 2 thousand people visit the altars in their neighborhood.

The contestant Martha Elizabeth Guerrero from the San Judas neighborhood in District III, expressed that celebrating the Virgin Mary was born with a promise she made to her mother, her altar reflected the culture of each of the departments of Nicaragua and in the center The Blessed Mother was there, as a reflection that she cares for each of the Nicaraguans.

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