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People with visual disabilities enjoy the Familia Revuelta production

To provide a cultural and inclusive recreation space for people with visual disabilities, the municipality, together with the “Maricela Toledo” Organization of the Blind, presented the first Familia Revuelta matinee performance, this Wednesday, December 6 at the Lolita Soriano Museum.

Activity that was developed with the audio-descriptive technique, which is part of the Good Government initiative to bring joy and entertainment in these days of family celebrations, to this important group of the population, shared the Secretary of the Managua Council, Jennifer Porras López .

"This morning we are waiting for more than 20 people who are going to be in this film, which allows us to enjoy, enjoy with them these activities that are part of our Marian, Christmas, year-end celebrations and we want to do it together with all families, with all sectors, in all spaces and with all environments of love, joy, harmony, peace, so that we can close a year thanking God for all these achievements, but always committed to having a next year that leads us to more prosperity,” said Porras.

The attendees were grateful for the entertainment space and for being able to share this moment with their families, friends, neighbors, without having to interrupt them to describe the images, fully enjoying the production, said Jael Monge, representative of the National Board of Directors of the “Maricela Toledo” Organization of the Blind.

“We are very happy with the initiative, because this morning we are witnessing a recreational activity that is going to help us de-stress, those burdens that we as people are getting every day, because we are going to witness a film in audio description, but that also has images, we are grateful "A lot to the Mayor's Office, to the director of the Lolita Soriano Museum, Geraldine, who has promoted this type of spaces."

With the audio descriptive technique, an exhaustive account of visual details is offered, including actions, gestures, facial expressions and scene changes, allowing people with visual disabilities to access the same content as sighted people, breaking barriers and promoting inclusion.

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