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Capital markets will move 4,500 million córdobas in celebration of the end of the year festivities

This year will be historic for the merchants who work in the capital's markets, thanks to the economic policies and strategies promoted by the Good Government, as reported by the municipal authorities and the Merchants Association, during a tour of the Eastern market, the morning of this Wednesday, December 6th.

“December is a month of joy, celebration, family unity and shopping, people are coming from the municipalities, from the departments to our markets, there is incredible economic dynamism and our merchants, in addition to being well supplied, are offering promotions and discounts on wholesale sales, they are also selling online and with a layaway system,” reported Mayor Reyna Rueda Alvarado.

In these days when the Marian holidays, Christmas and New Year are celebrated, commerce is invigorated in the 8 markets, generating new jobs and merchants estimate that sales will be historic.

"Thank God, with the help of our Presidency, we received support to have the merchandise on time, the only time in history that we will be able to sell 4.5 billion, this year will be historic, the population will be able to buy at favorable prices, in safe conditions, thanks to the coordinated work with all institutions, to guarantee resounding success this season,” said Jorge González, president of the Nicaraguan Merchants Association.

By 2023, the capital markets will close with a flourish, due to the execution of 5 major works projects in the Eastern market, plus the projects that were carried out in the other popular shopping centers, which is around 80 million córdobas in construction works. infrastructure, plus the acquisition of two new trucks for garbage collection and a forklift, to be delivered in the coming days.

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