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Youth Games holds qualifying boxing evening for the final championship

The Mayor's Office of Managua, through the Sports Directorate, held the last qualifying round in the boxing discipline, on the afternoon of this Tuesday, December 5, at the Roger Deshon gym.

Noel González, Sports Director of the municipality, explained that the final boxing competition will be next December 19.

“The municipality has 5 boxing gyms and competitions were held twice a month throughout the year, which reflects that at least 100 boxers were competing in different categories throughout the year,” said González.

During this competition, 24 boxers from all districts of the capital participated in 12 fights, including kids from the new gym run by René “El Gemelo” Alvarado, with one of the competitors being the son of the champion who won in a resounding way.

“These competitions are a great opportunity that the mayor's office offers to young people, to keep them away from many risks, promoting sports is the best thing that can be offered to youth,” said René El Gemelo Alvarado.

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