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Skateboarding closes its participation in the Managua 2023 Youth Games

Total adrenaline was demonstrated by the competitors in the final of the skateboarding discipline, as part of the Managua 2023 Youth Games, held this Sunday, December 3, in the Luis Alfonso Velásquez Flores park.

The final date included the participation of 30 athletes, divided into 5 categories, who competed for third, second and first place in each of the categories, as reported by Noel González, Sports Director of the municipality.

“We have done two previous stages, in the first stage we had a participation of 80, in the second stage which was the semifinal 60 and today in the final we will have 30, these categories are children A, B and youth,” shared González.

The teenager, Moisés Zúñiga, 12 years old, expressed that he has been practicing this discipline for 4 years and what he likes most about this sport is feeling the adrenaline every time he skates in a high place.

“I got to the final by putting in performance, improving every day and saying in my mind that I am going to go to the final, I have a friend of mine in the competition who is super good and I feel that he is my only competition, that motivates me,” Zúñiga said.

In each of the competitions there was a foreign qualifying jury, with more than 20 years of experience in this discipline, who supported, valued and gave the decisive vote to choose each of the athletes who went to the final.

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