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Variety of seasonal items fill the markets of Managua

The capital's markets are now ready to receive Nicaraguan families, with great discounts and offers on all Christmas items and for the celebration of the Purísima, this was announced by merchants from the Roberto Huembes market, during the visit of the municipal authorities, the morning of this Friday, December 1st.

During the tour of the different sections, Vice Mayor Enrique Armas Rosales confirmed the supply and good prices that he can only find in the capital markets.

“We are starting this month of December, a month of joy, a month of blessing, a month of happiness, a month of gifts, for all Nicaraguan families and if it is a gift, this is where the best gifts are for this December season, for "This Christmas, for family gifts, for family purchases, in this Roberto Huembes market, this market that has more than 3 thousand sections, 27 blocks and one of the most dynamic markets in Nicaragua and Central America," said the mayor of the capital.

Freddy Casco, General Director of the Managua Municipal Markets Corporation (COMMEMA), announced that efforts have been coordinated with merchants to serve families in a clean, beautiful and safe environment. He also assured that COMEMMA closes the year with the execution of more than 65 infrastructure projects in the 8 municipal markets.

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