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After 40 years of waiting, families from the Walter Ferreti neighborhood inaugurate Streets for the People

For 146 families from the Walter Ferretti neighborhood located in District V, the 40-year wait for covered streets came to an end this December 1st, thanks to the Streets for the People Program, the project has an investment of 2.8 million córdobas and It benefited more than a thousand protagonists, improving their access routes.

“This area historically flooded and flooded seriously, this 5 blocks that we are delivering today was a critical point due to flooding, which affected 146 families and today it is eliminated, by the grace of God, in addition to this project prior to the construction of the streets we had to carry out a storm drainage project, with an investment of 10 million córdobas, to prevent the houses located in this sector from flooding, from 2009 to date the municipality has invested 49 million córdobas in this neighborhood, in road, storm drainage and sanitary drainage projects,” reported Mayor Reyna Rueda Alvarado.

The protagonist, Rosa Argentina Sánchez, has lived in the neighborhood for more than 40 years; for her, the new streets are a dream come true.

“We are happy, because thank God, our President fulfilled us, he ordered us to pave the streets and ordered us to make gutters, here the water came up, there was no outlet and the water got into us, but that, thank God, never again He is going to return, because the President touched his heart and fulfilled us,” Sánchez said.

With the delivery of this work to the community, Calles Para el Pueblo achieves 81 percent progress, with a total of 837 blocks served, the coating work has already been completed in districts I, II, III and IV, only projects remain pending that are being implemented in districts V, VI and VII.

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