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Workshops aimed at university students begin on the scope of the project “Modernization of the Juan Pablo II Track”

To publicize the scope and impact that the Juan Pablo II Runway Modernization Project will have, a technical team from the Managua Mayor's Office in coordination with the Traffic Directorate of the National Police, held the second educational workshop aimed at university students. .

The information project began with the student population of the University of Managua U d M, the methodology used will be to explain the details and scope of the project to the 7 thousand students of all majors, according to the already scheduled calendar, as reported by the Vice Chancellor of Extension University student of this alma mater, Mario Valle.

Valle thanked the municipality for starting the educational and informative cycle on the different phases that the project will have with this university, since its facilities are in section I of the area of intervention of the works.

During the exhibition, the topics of environmental impact, forest impact, economic impact, road education, the design of the new drainage system, road and pedestrian safety, the safety measures that must be taken to avoid accidents and, above all, the importance of respecting detours, to guarantee that the work is carried out and the safety of pedestrians, as well as drivers.

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