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I Educational Fair of Urban Management in celebration of World Urban Planning Day

With the objective of guiding and educating citizens about the importance of complying with the urban regulations and laws that govern the urban development of the city, the municipality, through the Urban Planning Department, holds the I Urban Management Educational Fair, aimed at the population that requests construction permits.

“We are holding the first Urban Management fair, from the Construction Single Window, where it has worked to guarantee access to information, to procedures, to all the procedures related to construction processes, its objective is to facilitate everyone "The citizen who presents to this Window all possible information about the work of the municipality in relation to the urban part, to the planning of our city that guarantees development and ordering," indicated the Secretary of the Managua Council, Jennifer Porras López.

During this first fair, talks and training will be provided on Urban Management that applies to the construction permit processes, Urban Planning regarding the records of rights of way, Supervision and Inspection regarding the process of requesting signs and inspections, as well as the Construction Single Window where citizens can carry out their procedures and at the same time request information on the requirements, explained Architect Ena Lisseth Ardón, Director of Urban Planning of the commune.

To build depends on the procedure, if it is a building the first thing you need is proof of land use, “what proof tells you is that if your use is permitted in the area where you are going to build, in accordance with the regulatory plan of Managua and currently the Zoning and Land Use Regulations, then you have the preliminary project, once the land use record is approved, the preliminary project is to enter what the architectural plans are, where we review the urban indicators with respect to the zone and then once approved, we go with the review of projects, where you enter the soil study, the structural memory, the approval by the firefighters, the study of geological faults, it is very important, given that Managua is highly seismic and once "If they meet all the requirements, the construction permit is issued," said Ardón.

Likewise, he shared that each procedure has its time and requires 4 processes, the proof of land use that takes 3 to 5 days, the preliminary project 10 to 15 days, the project review 15 days and the construction permit. 3 days.

The attendees who carried out their procedures expressed their satisfaction with the attention provided and invited those interested to visit the Construction Single Window to make the necessary arrangements.

“You have to make a letter, come to the window, they review your documents, then you pay at the cashier and they tell you what date your document is on, the service is very good, the ladies are very attentive and thank God everything is calm,” said the resident Mauricio Pérez.

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