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Families from the Francisco Salazar neighborhood will enjoy new times with the improvement of their streets

For more than 30 years, the families of the Francisco Salazar neighborhood of District V endured the poor state of their streets, but this Thursday, November 30, the Good Government gave them 8 completely new blocks, through the Streets for the People Program.

The inauguration ceremony was chaired by Comrade Jairo Espinoza, Delegate of District V, who shared with the residents this restitution of rights, one more dream come true.

"We are talking about 8 new blocks, a direct benefit for families, but these streets are also important to alleviate traffic when the Las Colinas sector is congested, which uses it towards the highway to Masaya, it will be a strategic street for mobility and the need for road development, here in Managua,” Espinoza highlighted.

The work involved an investment of 3 million 494 thousand 399 córdobas and directly benefits 6 thousand 175 residents. With the delivery of these streets, the emblematic Streets for the People Program advances successfully with 837 blocks delivered, which is equivalent to 81.69 percent hundred.

Martha Lorena Rodríguez, one of the founders of the neighborhood, expressed that this achievement is wonderful, since the street will bring them many benefits.

“We will now be able to travel in any weather, in rainy weather, summer weather, because the street is too famous, we were knee-deep in mud and now this benefits us a lot, greater access, because we also got sick and the taxi drivers They said they were not going to enter, because of the deterioration of the streets,” said Rodríguez.

Since 2009 to date, the municipality has invested 45 million 978 thousand 495 córdobas in 12 storm drainage projects, sanitary sewage and the construction of 21 Decent Homes.

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