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Otto de la Rocha House of Culture and Creativity presents Christmas Gala

A magical Christmas Gala with dances, songs, theater, painting, among others, was what the groups of students from the Otto de la Rocha House of Culture and Creativity presented on the afternoon of this Thursday, November 30.

During the festivity, Vice Mayor Enrique Armas Rosales shared that it is impressive to see boys and girls, especially autistic children, participating in this activity.

“In this school there are painting, drawing, music, guitar, and piano classes. It is truly a very complete school, where little boys and girls can also learn to dance our Nicaraguan folklore for free. I am excited and I recommend them to the parents of families who, now that 2024 starts, bring their children to study here and learn,” said the mayor of the capital.

Through this waste of culture, the students demonstrated everything they had learned this year, making the teachers proud who, with a lot of love and patience, shared their knowledge to make them great artists.

The person in charge of the Otto de la Rocha House of Culture and Creativity, Carmen Saldaña, expressed that it is a pleasure to show everything that the students have advanced in the different courses.

"Today we have a school show, this year was a lot of learning, where we shared, we lived many experiences, we created a family even with the parents, on stage we have about 40 children, we have selected a small part of all our groups," highlighted Saldaña. .

Thanks to all those opportunities that the Good Government provides in support of education, art and culture, today there are 285 students who are developing in this House of Culture and Creativity.

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