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Good Government carries out the IV Delivery of Homes in the Camino del Río Urbanization

The municipality concluded this November with the delivery of 100 homes in the Camino del Río Urbanization, through the Bismarck Martínez Program, promoted by the Sandinista Government.

These 100 homes were delivered by Vice Mayor Enrique Armas Rosales, who expressed that there are already more than 700 homes that have been built in Camino del Río.

“There are exactly 778 houses that have been delivered here in Camino del Río, in the Sabana Grande area, in Managua and they will continue to be built, this is part of those thousands and thousands of homes that the Government of Commander Daniel is building throughout the country, only here in Camino del Río 5 thousand 276 houses are going to be built, here in the not too distant future we will have 30 thousand people living, 30 thousand Nicaraguan brothers and sisters who with great effort are going to open their comfortable, anti-seismic, blocks, with water, with electricity,” reported the mayor of the capital.

Camino del Río is the fifth urbanization built by the Good Government in the capital, where it plans to carry out several urban development works, such as the reconstruction of the Sabana Grande highway, construction of the storm drainage system and the expansion of the road to 4 lanes. , the construction of the III stage of Airport Avenue and the construction of the Las Maravillas microdam.

The leading families were grateful to the Good Government and stated that they will start December with a new, safe, beautiful house.

“It is an emotion, an achievement, a need that one has in life and you cannot imagine the great happiness I have,” said the young Narioski Casco.

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