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Entrepreneurs from Municipal Trade Schools participate in the first national meeting

With the motto “United, we undertake and prosper,” the first national meeting of municipal trade schools was held, in which entrepreneurs from different municipalities of the country participated, who have been trained to improve their production.

Comrade Humberto González, Secretary of Creative Economy of the Presidency of the Republic, announced the importance of this initiative promoted by the Good Government, “this program to strengthen entrepreneurs from municipal trade schools is an evolutionary process that began from in 2014 and based on our creative economy model, in 2019 we began to analyze the potential it has, with the scope of the courses that strengthen the skills and competencies of entrepreneurs and protagonists, throughout the country. ”.

More than 400 thousand people in courses of all types of trade and through the creative economy model, have received training and have become more technical, the academy has been linked to universities, INATEC, municipal mayors and a plan has been developed of comprehensive support, through MEFCCA, INTUR, MIFIC and INIFOM, with the aim of being able to add new elements and tools, to evolve towards a business character.

This year, a pilot project was carried out with more than 300 entrepreneurs in 69 municipalities, for almost a year, in which 4 courses were offered, which will allow them to integrate business management tools, to be able to make a qualitative leap.

This meeting was attended by Mayor Reyna Rueda Alvarado, who explained that these good results have been achieved, thanks to the actions guided by the Sandinista Government, "we have been articulating efforts with different institutions, such as universities, technical education, then ", like that idea and concern of our Good Government to strengthen and give technical and scientific knowledge to the small businesses that already existed and others that were being born."

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