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Managua Municipal Council unanimously approves the General Income and Expenditure Budget for the year 2024

A historic afternoon was experienced in the Miguel Larreynaga Auditorium, this Monday, November 27, during the Extraordinary Session number 4 of the honorable Council of Managua, when the General Budget of Income and Expenses for the year 2024 was unanimously approved, with which it will be executed more than 500 projects.

“We are very happy, it is a historic budget, we are talking about more than 12 billion córdobas, to invest in more than 500 projects that are going to be executed, bringing a lot of well-being and security to the families of the different neighborhoods and communities of our municipality, we continue to significantly reduce vulnerability through storm drainage and road improvement, we will continue to build the planned microdams, all of these projects were consulted with our people ”, reported Mayor Reyna Rueda Alvarado.

Rueda thanked the families for their trust in good administration, which has allowed the execution of each of the projects and programs that the commune has developed in the neighborhoods, which has brought so much well-being; which is the main objective of Good Government.

“Something that must be highlighted is the unanimous approval of the different groups for this budget, this demonstrates the political will to continue bringing prosperity and security to families, the permanent and growing confidence of our people in the good administration, of the taxes that They deposit in our municipality,” added the capital city councilor.

Among the projects that will continue are the construction of the Las Maravillas microdam, to benefit families in districts 6 and 7 of Managua, the construction of the Dignidad Sports Complex, the Paseo de las Estrellas, in tribute to the glory of Nicaraguan sports, construction of the new Miguel Chocorrón Buitrago soccer stadium, renovation of the Huellas de Acahualinca museum, expansion of the Sabana Grande Track, plus the construction of 1,000 blocks in the Streets for the People Program, among others.

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