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Third Cycling Competition at the Managua 2023 Youth Games

The Mayor's Office of Managua held the last cycling qualifying round of the Managua 2023 Youth Games, in the “Los Amigos” park, located in Villa Progreso.

Noel González, Sports Director of the commune, explained that the winners will advance to the final championship, which will be held next December.

“Today we are doing the third stage in the cycling modality, where several academies are participating, we have 60 children, we are even accompanied by children who came from Masaya, Ciudad Sandino, the ages of the children range from 6 to 17 years old, this The competition has also been held at Finca Las Uvas and Ciudad Sandino,” González reported.

At the same time, he highlighted that this year the Mayor's Office has a new cycling academy, which operates in Los Amigos Park, every Saturday starting at 4 in the afternoon, "children and adolescents who wish to practice this sport can Come on Saturday, we have 4 instructors, the classes are completely free and if the child does not have a bicycle here it is guaranteed during training.”

The cyclists participated in a 600-meter circuit and the number of laps they had to complete depended on the age and category in which the competitors entered.

Kenyi Camilo Cárdenas Herrera is originally from Cuidad Sandino and began practicing from the age of 3, following the example of his parents and uncles.

“For me, speed is power, it is what I like the most, going fast, I like it because it distracts me, but above all what I want is to win first place, win trophies and above all teach other children,” said Cárdenas. .

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