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Municipal authorities visit creative entrepreneurs in the capital

In promotion of Nicaraguan culture and tradition, municipal authorities visited the protagonist Gonzalo Cuellar, one of those selected as owners of successful and creative enterprises in the capital, with the aim of presenting him with an invitation, so that he may receive his recognition, this coming December 15 in the Divine Mercy Park.

The visit was carried out by Mayor Reyna Rueda Alvarado, on the morning of this Saturday, November 25, who reported that there were 20 entrepreneurs selected in the capital, who met the parameters established by the jury.

“Days before, we announced that we were going to visit small creative and successful enterprises in our municipality of Managua and we were surprised that our people are very creative, our people are innovative, they are families who undertake projects every day to help their families move forward.” "said the mayor of the capital.

Gonzalo Cuellar, who is a director, actor and teacher, specialized in puppet theater, founder of the Guachipilín Puppet Theater, with more than 40 years of experience in this branch of creativity, thanked him for the invitation and for being part of one of Those selected to receive recognition also expressed that their work has been to combine entertainment with education and that little by little it has been achieved.

For her part, Zoa Meza, member of the Guachipilín Puppet Theater, invited young people to realize their dreams and not to be discouraged, that with effort anything is possible.

This initiative is born from Good Government, a National activity, in order to promote the talents and skills of entrepreneurs, who make a daily effort to keep alive those cultures and traditions, which our ancestors left as a heritage.

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