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VI Modified Women's Softball Championship “Victorious Mothers” begins

For more spaces for healthy recreation, the municipality inaugurated this Saturday, November 25, the VI Softball Championship “Victorious Mothers” of the Mayor's Office of Managua, where 12 teams participate, each consisting of 18 baseball players and 4 coaches.

These teams were formed six years ago and are made up of mothers of children who are part of the municipality's academies, reported the Secretary of the Managua Council, Jennifer Porras López.

"Today we see the fruits of how these women are going to have 4 months to compete among each of them and be able to get the first three places. Today we have given them a ball that is going to be part of that support and also fundamental to each of these 12 teams, so that they can have their tools and little by little, together with the Mayor's Office, strengthen this part of the tooling,” stated Porras.

At the same time, he shared that as a result of the work promoted by Good Government in the promotion of sports, from 2014 to today more than 4 thousand athletes have been recruited in 35 municipal academies, distributed in 13 sports disciplines.

The participating teams come from the different neighborhoods, regions of Managua and some baseball players from Masaya, among them: Amigas, Amigas ALMA, New Star, New Girl, Angels, Fénix, Amazonas, Roberto Clemente, Guerreras, Panteras y Fieras de El Dorado, who will compete for the first 3 places.

Karla Gutiérrez Vega, from the New Girl team, thanked the Sandinista Government and the municipality for giving them the opportunity to develop in sports, “a beautiful, pleasant experience, it helps us exercise, it is a hobby that we like.”

This tournament will take place on the fields of the Hugo Chávez field in the 14 de Septiembre neighborhood and the Roberto Clemente stadium, every Saturday starting at 2 in the afternoon.

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