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The best dishes in the Municipal Contest “Christmas Family Flavors and Traditions”

At the Bayardo Ortiz House of Culture and Creativity, the Municipal Contest “Christmas Family Flavors and Traditions” was held, which promotes Good Government, through MEFCCA, INIFOM and the Mayor's Offices, to strengthen and promote Nicaraguan cultural and gastronomic traditions.

This event was attended by Vice Mayor Enrique Armas Rosales, who announced that the winners of this contest will participate in the departmental contest and if they win they will participate in the national contest.

“The colleagues who sell their products have been characterized by participating, in this case exquisite Christmas and seasonal dishes in the capital markets, we are starting here in District V, because next door is the Roberto Huembes market, where for many years they have enjoyed enormous prestige in the culinary art,” stated the mayor of the capital.

Representatives from each of the 7 districts of Managua presented different Christmas dishes, such as Lomo Relleno de Cerdo, Lomo Relleno de res, Pollo al vino, Relleno, Nacatamal, Lomo Relleno, Gallina Rellena, among others.

Part of the parameters evaluated were the color, flavor and texture of the foods presented, preparation of the recipe and the incorporation of Christmas elements in the stand, shared Chef Alvaro Morales.

First place in this gastronomic contest was obtained by Leonel Antonio Argüello Castillo representing District IV of Managua, who presented the Christmas Stuffing, second place went to Mrs. Ivania de la Concepción Reyes from District I, who made a Stuffed Pork Loin and third place was achieved by Mrs. Inés del Socorro Espinoza from District III, with the Chicken in Wine dish.

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