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New road corridor between Camino de Oriente and Villa Fontana track

Committed to improving and expanding the capital city's road network, the municipality built a new corridor between Camino de Oriente and the Villa Fontana track; This new work will contribute significantly to the decongestion of vehicles in the Masaya highway sector, reducing distances and times.

The development work was inaugurated and delivered to the population by the Mayor of Managua, Reyna Rueda Alvarado, who expressed that this project consisted of asphalt paving 325 linear meters, equivalent to 3.8 blocks, executed through the Streets for the People Program.

“Very happy and the community too, let's remember that here at rush hour it is terrible in the area on the highway to Masaya, this connection will reduce the traffic jam at rush hour and will benefit many businesses that have more than 20, 30 years in this area of Camino de Oriente, very visited, therefore, there is a commitment from us articulated with the Central Government, this road corridor, thank God, today we are delivering it to the community,” indicated the mayor of the capital.

At the same time, he reported that to date this emblematic program has made progress of 77.34 percent, with 793 blocks served of the 1,027 blocks projected to be served in this year 2023, through the execution of 151 projects in 105 neighborhoods of Managua, with an investment of 2,440 million 949,333 córdobas.

Among the works carried out are the placement of asphalt mixture, installation of storm drainage pipes with reinforced concrete, construction of gutters, manhole boxes, gutters and platforms, in addition to road signage.

This work had an investment of more than 5 million córdobas, which adds to the institutional effort developed by the Good Government, to improve access roads and facilitate vehicular circulation with safe streets for all.

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