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The most creative entrepreneurs and businesses in the capital will be recognized for their talent

From Los Marañones Park, the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua, INIFOM and MEFCCA, carried out the "Municipal Launch to deliver recognition to the most creative and successful entrepreneurs and businesses in the capital", on the afternoon of this Thursday, November 23.

The solemn presentation ceremony was chaired by the Secretary of the Managua Council, Jennifer Porras López, Mabel Tinoco of the Nicaraguan Institute of Municipal Development and Leonel Rivera, Departmental delegate of MEFCCA.

During the launch, the Secretary of the Municipal Council announced that, in the coming days, the authorities with the various institutions will visit the entrepreneurs of the different districts of Managua.

"We have different talents here that are going to be discovered, but many also already exist and they are going to be recognized for that great creativity and that great effort that they have been developing, which apart from being an economic source and income for the family, is also which helps us boost our local economy, but above all, many of these talents have been incorporated in different training courses and in our Creative Economy and Nicaragua Design platforms,” Porras reported.

He also highlighted that the leading entrepreneurs who meet the parameters established by the jury will receive recognition next Friday, December 15, in the Divine Mercy Park.

Mabel Tinoco, representative of INIFOM, expressed that the recognitions will be given to the most creative and successful ventures and businesses, promoting the talent of each of the entrepreneurs, honoring the work of the Nicaraguan people and the contribution of entrepreneurs to the country's economy. .

The initiative is born from Good Government, a National activity, in order to promote the talents and skills of entrepreneurs, who make a daily effort to keep alive those cultures and traditions that our ancestors left as a heritage.

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