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Municipality pays tribute to the Nicaraguan musician with awards

In celebration of International Music Day, the Managua Mayor's Office paid tribute to the Nicaraguan musician at the Camilo Zapata House of Culture and Creativity.

Opening with the nominated guitar concert “Entre Cuerdas” and the delivery of recognition to 18 music teachers, who work in the different houses of culture and creativity, in this way the Good Government celebrated the achievements and successes achieved in Nicaraguan music .

“Today we are gathered to celebrate the Nicaraguan musician, we are here to recognize the cultural contribution of this dignified and noble work of the teachers, who are teaching music classes in the houses of culture that were enabled by our Good Government, to promote access to art for free,” shared colleague Griselda Rivas, Director of Culture of the commune.

Music Day has been celebrated for 32 years, reported Roxana Chamorro, Director of the Camilo Zapata Culture House and who was one of the 18 artists who received recognition.

"Very happy to receive this recognition for our work in training new generations, music contributes a lot to our society, to our culture, it helps children, young people, adults, it keeps them away from vices and serves as a therapy for those who suffer from anxiety,” Chamorro explained.

During this cultural event, 12 young people who make up the Costa Rica Guitar Orchestra (UCR) also participated, who are visiting the country for a cultural exchange.

“We feel honored to be here in Nicaragua, we have a tour as part of the international festival “Corazón de América”, organized by maestro Julio Vásquez, it is an honor for us to share our music, we have a repertoire specially prepared for the Nicaraguan public” said David Calderón, Director of the Orchestra, who explained that during their stay they will tour several municipalities in the country.

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