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Streets for the People continues to bring security to the families of District VI

The Mayor of Managua, Reyna Rueda Alvarado, carried out a supervision visit to the 4.7-block asphalt coating project on the morning of this Wednesday, November 22, which is being carried out in the Villa Reconciliación Norte neighborhood of District VI.

During the tour, Mayor Rueda announced that this work has an investment of 1 million 800 thousand córdobas and will be ready in the coming days, so that families can travel safely.

“We are serving more than 12 thousand protagonist brothers and sisters, a little more than 12 thousand 200 families that live in this area, so we are very happy, because there is support from the families who are pending each of their projects. ”, reported the capital mayor.

The official highlighted that the Streets for the People Program is advancing at a good pace, with 77 percent of streets improved, which means 792.76 streets delivered in Managua alone.

Pastora Martínez, a resident of this neighborhood, expressed her gratitude to the Sandinista Government, since they spent years waiting to see this dream come true today.

“I am filled with emotion to see how beautiful my streets are turning out. I thank the Government for everything it is doing for us,” said Martínez.

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