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Second delivery of homes in the Mirador Xolotlán Urbanization

This week 30 families from Managua obtained their housing, thanks to the Bismarck Martinez Program, promoted by the Sandinista Government, to provide housing solutions to Nicaraguans who do not have their own home.

The 30 main families will live in the Mirador .

During the event, Mayor Reyna Rueda Alvarado highlighted the commitment to continue developing actions to improve the living conditions of families, with their own roof that dignifies and gives security to each protagonist, by making the dream of having a house come true, that they previously saw as impossible to achieve.

“We see how we are going, little by little, delivering the different homes and lots of land to the different families that have requested it, security, well-being, happiness, all these families have and our commitment is to continue building,” said the capital city councilor. .

Also, he pointed out that these homes are completely full, they have a ceiling with a ceiling, a ceramic floor, 2 bedrooms, a toilet, a terrace, a garden, a patio and a parking area, “and well, as we all know, our Good Government, through “INVUR grants a subsidy to each of the protagonists of 3,500 dollars, plus 3,500 in urbanization works, which we as the Mayor of Managua have.”

With great happiness, the families received the keys to their new homes and expressed their gratitude and satisfaction for this achievement.

“This opportunity for this Good Government project, without them it would not be possible, to have decent housing, so that our families can grow up in a healthy environment, in a spacious environment and not be running around, as they say, not renting, because many Sometimes it is difficult, like when they take you out of a house, they tell you either you pay as much or you leave, it is sad, then it is up to restoring not only a right, but also the dignity as citizens, human beings and families that we are," expressed the protagonist Félix Sánchez.

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