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Children and young people connect with nature on a day of hiking

On a cool and splendid day, more than 100 children and young people from the municipality's academies, went hiking this Sunday, November 19, at Finca Las Uvas, El Boquete highway, with the motto “Paths for Progress, for Life, for Health.”

Noel González, Sports Director of the commune, indicated that the route was 7 kilometers (round trip), where the participants recreated and shared a healthy morning.

"Today we are hiking in this Finca Las Uvas, which we have turned into a completely ecological space, to do different sports activities, cycling has already been done here, an extreme challenge, which has been created by the Mayor's Office of Managua."

Likewise, he pointed out that this activity is one more that is added to the different sports days, which are carried out in the different academies outside their surroundings, in a natural environment, "the important thing is that young people stay healthy , active, more in these spaces, which help us keep our mind and body healthy.”

The participants were accompanied by their families and expressed that they felt prepared for this adventure.

“I find it super fun because we gain resistance, we look at the landscape, something that is very beautiful, we cool off, so we get out of our houses and can exercise,” said Andrea Castillo Lacayo, 12 years old.

For the boy Caleb Orozco, practicing sports helps him stay away from vices and motivated other children to be part of these academies, “well, I have the joy of being here and not being in something bad, smoking and drinking, There are many children who are already my age and seek bad paths and I say that they practice a sport, because it is good for their health.”

As a result of the work promoted by the Good Government in promoting sports, the municipality has carried out more than 360 activities this year and will close the month of December with the closing of the Youth Games, with more than 100 in this period.

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