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Managua markets offer a variety of items for the celebration of the Purísima

This week, Mayor Reyna Rueda Alvarado visited the Oriental market, in compliance with the citizen power model, which promotes direct communication with merchants; On this visit, the building authorities toured the commercial sections that already offer Christmas products and for the Immaculate Conception of Mary.

During this visit, merchants announced great offers and discounts for the season's celebrations, as expressed by merchant Yamileth Fernández, who said she had high expectations.

“Depending on your pocketbook, we have very reasonable prices at 25 per dozen, 30 per unit and 22 per 100, 50 or depending on what the customer wants to take, these cost 9 córdobas, if you look there are already varieties for the Purísima” , detailed Fernández.

For her part, the Mayor attended to the merchants and highlighted the offers for this month of December, “it is a month where we all celebrate these Christmas dates as a family, but above all at this time, we are a Marian people and you see all our 8 markets, that in the different sections they already sell products to give in Purísima.”

Also, he shared that they are working on a campaign to have the cleanest, most beautiful, healthy and safest markets, “this campaign that we have has arrived and has penetrated the hearts of the merchants and the thousands of families who visit us, every step of the way. It has a basket to deposit waste and that makes it easier for us, our collaborators, to collect garbage, we are investing in safety and well-being projects for the families who visit and merchants in each of the markets.”

In the Eastern market, the municipality has carried out several infrastructure projects, including the installation of storm drainage pipes in the Casa de los Encajes sector, the construction of the Los Mondongos and Las Aves warehouses; In addition, the construction of gutters in various sectors of this shopping center.

For this year 2023, the Good Government, through COMMEMA, has invested more than 80 million córdobas in important projects for the 8 municipal markets, including the installation and replacement of access gates, the construction of warehouses in the market Oriental and Mayoreo, storm drainage works in the Roberto Huembes and Oriental markets, as well as road improvement projects.

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