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Streets for the People benefits 556 families in the Germán Pomares neighborhood

With the aim of bringing more progress and better living conditions, the Managua Mayor's Office paved 7 blocks in the Germán Pomares neighborhood, located in District V, through the Streets for the People Program, which were inaugurated on the afternoon of this Friday the 17th. of November.

An investment of 3.5 million córdobas included the new road work, which benefits 3,893 protagonists, who starting this weekend will have better access roads, since caponeras and taxis can now circulate on this street, before the coating this it was impossible.

The delivery of the project to the inhabitants of this community, the Streets for the People 2023 Program achieves a reach of 75 percent, with a total of 770 blocks completed of the 1,027 streets planned to be laid this year.

Inhabitants of this Germán Pomares neighborhood will be able to celebrate the end-of-year holidays happier than ever, because in 2023 the Good Government invested 19.35 million córdobas in this part of the capital in three road improvement and storm drainage projects, through the Plan Annual Investment Plan and the Streets for the People Program.

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