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Good Government expands and improves the Collective Urban Transportation of Managua

The new buses that arrived in recent days will strengthen and increase the fleet of units that provide service to users of the capital. This Thursday, November 16, the first 130 buses were delivered to 9 cooperatives of the Urban Collective Transport of Managua.

These buses, from the People's Republic of China, are part of the 250 units that will be distributed this week, maintaining the same fare of 2 córdobas and 50 centavos.

Danilo Sánchez, president of URECOTRACO, announced that there were previously 834 buses and it has been expanding in recent years.

“We went up to 974 when the Russian buses came, the President increased 140 more units and now with the Chinese buses, he sent us a thousand buses, so that we can give better service to the population, so that the Bismarck Martínez projects are fulfilled, where There are Bismarck Martínez projects, the fleet expanded from 35 buses to 45 buses, from 45 to 55 and here we are, so that the population leaves comfortably and safely, with 2.50 and with a new bus, the fleet That is why it was extended from 974 to 1,100 buses,” said Sánchez.

Likewise, he highlighted that only in Nicaragua are the people benefited from the low cost of the ticket, "let the people not forget that the fare is still worth 2.50, the cheapest fare in the world, 0.06 cents on the dollar, the President and Compañera Rosario "They told us transporters, we continue to maintain the rate, we continue to subsidize the user rate, but we also ask that we take care of these units, so that they expand."

With these 130 buses, the Colón, Ricardo Morales, Milagro de Dios, Parrales Vallejos, Primeros Unitarios, 22 de Octubre, Samuel Mairena and Omar Baca cooperatives benefited, benefiting a large part of the Managua routes, including 112, 114, 110, 120, 159 and 266.

On the second day of delivery of these transport units, this Friday, November 17, Sánchez announced that they will receive 2,000 more buses next year.

The 120 public transport units were distributed in 10 bus units for the Cooperativa 30 de Mayo with route 106, Camilo Chamorro with 3 units on route 170, 6 units for the La Divina Luz cooperative with route 164, COOPTRACOPIRO with 10 units of route 106, 2 units assigned to the 12 de Octubre cooperative of route 165, COTRUM received 6 units with route 6 and 9 units received the COOUNEPAZ cooperative with route 169.

Likewise, the 21 de Enero cooperative with 20 buses on routes 108, 109 and 119, 6 units received by the Andrés Castro cooperative on route 102, the Camilo Ortega Saavedra cooperative with 7 units assigned to work routes 154 and 158, COCATELO with 7 units assigned to route 163, 3 units assigned to the COOTRASUDE cooperative with route 167, the Sol de Amor cooperative received 8 units of route 101, Iván Montenegro with 3 units of route 168, 11 units with route 111 received the NICARAO cooperative, while the Nueva Nicaragua Democratica cooperative received 4 units for route 165 and the Reconciliación cooperative received 5 units of route 175, completing the 250 bus units.

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