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The expansion of the storm drainage system and road network in neighborhoods of the capital continues

More than 900 families from the IV stage of the Hialeah neighborhood will benefit from a new public infrastructure project, which includes the expansion of the storm drainage system and the road network in this community, in District I of Managua.

This project has an investment of 5.9 million córdobas and consists of the installation of 88 linear meters of 18, 30 and 36 inch pipes, the construction of a 15 linear meter channel, a rainwater box, a discharge head, 3 wells. of visits, 2 gutters, 1 ramp, 196 linear meters of gutters, 148 meters of curb and the paving of 2.2 blocks of street.

The work was supervised by Mayor Reyna Rueda Alvarado, who expressed that the commitment of the Good Government is to improve the living conditions of Nicaraguan families.

“A huge project to serve this community, which previously had many difficulties. We have been carrying out sanitary sewage projects, construction of decent housing, and with this project, we are going to reach more than 34 blocks served, only in the IV stage of Hialeah. , where we have been serving and significantly reducing vulnerability, but here I want to mention that we have 95 percent of its streets served,” reported the capital city councilor.

In this neighborhood, from 2016 to date, 15 projects have been executed, with an investment of 36.3 million córdobas, bringing well-being to families, who expressed their satisfaction with these works for the common good.

“We feel very proud, because this has been a neighborhood that has been improved a lot and has been well recognized by our Good Government, because before here there were not the streets that we have today, but it was difficult when people went out or They got sick, they had to go out there, because the taxis didn't come in,” said teacher Ana Salvadora Arce, director of the community educational center.

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